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This page is where you will find publications that can help in alternative dispute resolution practices in the workplace


The Conflict Response Roles Inventory (CR²I)™

For over a decade. the (CR²I)™ has been used and trusted by thousands of individuals, and hundreds of teams and organizations to improve working relationships, reduce stressful interactions and cut the costs of conflicts that can occur when people work together. 

The CR²I™ is a self-assessment tool designed to help you better understand your behaviours, and better understand others, whenever you’re in a conflict. 

The CR²I™ measures how you typically focus on certain values and meet particular needs when in conflict.

These dimensions can vary greatly from person to person, but general patterns emerge in each of five basic conflict response roles: Loner, Decision-Maker, Moderator, Diplomat, or Friend. 

When you take the CR²I™, your scores will identify your default (or dominant) and backup conflict response roles. You’ll receive a free booklet explaining what occurs internally when you’re in conflict, and what happens between you and other people in their roles. You’ll discover what makes them tick, and how to deal with them more effectively based on what you’ll learn.

If you are an HR manager or conflict resolution practitioner, you can also learn about our group discounts on the CR²I™ for larger departments or organizations, and our facilitated workshops. 

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Conflict Resolution for Musicians (and Other Cool People)

Written by Helene Arts, M.A., and Ken Ashdown, M.A., Conflict Resolution for Musicians (and Other Cool People) is your definitive guide to solving problems and getting back in the groove- for creative people of all types, and those who work or live with them. 

For more information visit:

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Keep the Drama in Front of the Camera!: Conflict Resolution for Film and Television

Written by Ken Ashdown, M.A., and Helene Arts, M.A., Keep the Drama in Front of the Camera is a definitive DIY guide to solving problems on set, in the production office, or in the boardroom.

For more information visit:

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Restoring The Workplace Following A Harassment Complaint: A Manager's Guide

Written by Helene Arts, M.A., the purpose of this guide is to help managers smooth the way and promote the restoration of the workplace once the formal process of allegations of harassment have been submitted in writing.

For more information visit:

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